What it's about

When promoting your premium content marketing assets (detailed ebooks, guides, and research reports), are you gating them effectively?

The title of your latest ebook alone might not be appealing enough to convince a lead they should exchange their contact info for it, which is why you need to create optimized landing pages to gate these assets. A dedicated landing page can persuade your audience of your content’s value and prompt downloads. From there, you can funnel your newly captured leads into your marketing automation platform and nurture them to become your customers.

In this workshop, Hana Abaza, VP of Marketing at Uberflip, will walk you through distributing your premium content. She’ll share expert tips on choosing the right content to create and gating it with a dedicated landing page, as well as setting up your lead nurture track.

What you'll learn

    • How to produce strategic content for the purpose of lead generation
    • Best practices for setting up a persuasive landing page to gate this content
    • How to build an effective lead nurture workflow from your landing page to your marketing automation platform (like HubSpot)
    • When your nurtured leads are ready to become customers (and what to do when they are!)

About our guest, Hana Abaza

  • Hana Abaza is the VP Marketing at Uberflip, a content platform that helps marketers create, manage, and optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey. She combines a data-driven approach with her knack for communicating inspired tech solution to mainstream audiences to get results.

What people are saying about our workshops

  • The tips and key takeaways were really useful, and I also like that it was informative.

    Sasha-Shae Weeks
    Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger at Afroniquely You and Freelance Web & Graphic Designer at Fresh Medley Designs Studio
  • It was Great!!! Got to know the key points that need to be taken care of.

    Nitin Kalasannavar
    Freelance Web Developer