What it's about

After building your landing page, it can be tough to know if you’ve covered all your bases…

Is your headline clear? Are those images enhancing your message, or causing confusion? There are a lot of components to consider!

You can learn how to better evaluate your landing pages and catch mistakes by tuning into Critique My Page, where customer landing pages are given expert advice for improvement. After the critiques, you’ll know how to review your own pages effectively.

What you'll learn

    • The types of questions to ask when reviewing your landing pages
    • How to identify weaknesses on your landing pages
    • The 5 key elements every landing page should include

    …plus, much more!


What people are saying about our workshops

  • The tips and key takeaways were really useful, and I also like that it was informative.

    Sasha-Shae Weeks
    Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger at Afroniquely You and Freelance Web & Graphic Designer at Fresh Medley Designs Studio
  • It was Great!!! Got to know the key points that need to be taken care of.

    Nitin Kalasannavar
    Freelance Web Developer
  • It was an eye opener and helped me gained insight as to how I can improve my conversions. It was fun and educational. Thanks Unbounce - you guys are the best!

    Elli Vizcaino
    Designer & Creative Entrepreneur at E7Flux