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Lead Gen vs. Click Through Landing Pages

As a designer, you may be asked to create either or both of these page types. Having this background context will be really helpful as you work on your layout.

Lead-gen-iconLead generation pages are great for collecting leads’ info in exchange for:

  • Awesome whitepapers, ebooks, guides, reports, industry-specific checklists, and other content marketing or educational assets
  • Subscription to a newsletter, blogs, or other communication of interest to your target audience
  • Registration to attend in-person events, or to gain access to ecourses or webinars
  • Requests for consultation services or access to recorded sessions (videos or slides)

Click-through-iconClick-through pages are great for prompting:

  • An e-commerce purchase (by directing visitors to a shopping cart)
  • Registration for a free trial of your service
  • Scheduling a demo or tour of your product