Current EcourseUnbounce for Designers

Buttons & Forms

Drag and drop the form widget onto the landing page and you’ll see the form builder. Choose pre-made fields or create your own. When using the pre-made email field, you can turn on the “Validate as Email Address” option.
Once complete, click to select the form and stylize on the right by adjusting spacing, fonts, colors, width, and height.

Stylize buttons by color, gradient or by adding a custom image. Rollover states can also be set. Edit the button text and modify the font settings to match your design.

Confirmation Page

If you have a form on your page, a confirmation page can be triggered when the form is filled out. You can access the confirmation page tab in the top-left corner of your page. You can style the confirmation page just like the rest of your landing page.


Conversion Goal

Every landing page needs a conversion goal. If you have a form on your page, it will automatically be set for submission, but if you’re building a click-through page, you can set your goal by clicking on the “Goal” tab in the properties pane.

Conversion Goal