5.3: ‘Nice to Know’ Lightbox

Like a messy, overloaded garage, some landing pages feature so much information that they become overwhelming.

Ideally, your landing pages should include enough information so visitors convert (and don’t have to leave your page to find info they’re looking for)…but not so much info that visitors get overwhelmed and bounce.


It’s a fine balance.

Lightboxes help you add needed details to your landing pages, without distracting from your CTA.They help you keep information clear, and persuasive.

You can use lightboxes to feature nice-to-know information like:

  • Speaker Bios: Include details about your keynote speakers in lightboxes (so that visitors don’t navigate away from a potential ticket purchase).
  • Extras & details: Don’t let the nitty-gritty details distract visitors from the most important information on your landing page – keep these “nice to know” deets (extra product features, limitations, rules or social proof) in lightboxes.
  • Lead gen forms: Contact forms don’t always need to appear directly on your landing page. Try testing out a lightbox form to allow visitors to actively trigger a conversion opportunity when they’re ready.

Lightboxes allow you to add that extra ‘nice-to-know’ information to your landing page without overwhelming visitors with blocks of text.