5. Communicating the Value of Landing Pages (The Finale)

5.1 Wrap up and results

Throughout this course we’ve gone over some best practices our agency customers use to deliver impressive results for their clients.

The common denominator is that all the agencies use Unbounce to ensure that the landing pages they create are not only customized to perfection, but are also tested to ensure they really speak to a client’s target audience, and produce the highest conversion rates possible.

To wrap up, we asked Andrew to share why Workshop Digital continues to pitch customers on the value of landing pages as part of standard proposals.

Here’s his take on how Unbounce improved their business:

Why Unbounce?

Andrew and his team knew landing pages were a way to improve their client’s ROI: “Unbounce is a critical part of our workflow. We enjoy using Unbounce because it’s helped us answer our clients’ needs faster and better. Unbounce has been a multiplier for our team – we can do the work of 10 people with 5 people. We don’t need dedicated design and development resources. We can use Unbounce to scale out what we’re doing on a pay per click campaign. It gives us complete control over the click to conversion process.”They’re able to increase their clients’ conversion rates through continual A/B testing and this is how they continue to make clients happy.