4.4: ‘Me’ Versus ‘You’

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who only ever talked about their own fascinating life?

Bit off-putting isn’t it? When you’re bombarded with: “So I did this… and then I went here… and then this amazing thing happened to me… and I just love doing this… and eating at this restaurant…”

And what is your end impression?

Probably that they’re unlikely to win the title ‘most likely to win friends and influence people.’


Because there’s only space in the conversation for them. You feel they’re not really interested in anything you have to say so you tune out.

This is what makes ‘me’ language versus ‘you’ language so critical in copywriting.

Because the language on your landing page, website, and any other marketing materials is a conversation between you and your customer.

In your reader’s mind, you’re talking directly to them. And if your copy is filled with information all about you, it will have the same effect Mr. Influence, above.

One simple way to make your copy more effective is to turn the spotlight and focus on your customer by making sure you have a higher number of the word ‘you’ in your copy than ‘me / we / us / our.’

For example, rather than: “We have 20 years experience”

Go with: “You get the benefit of 20 years experience”

“We have hundreds of 5-star reviews” could be: “You can book with confidence knowing your workshop has over 100 5-star reviews.”

In both cases, you’re not omitting anything about you, your service or business, instead, you’re putting the emphasis on what it means to your customer.

Another technique where you may want to use language like ‘my’, is on your call-to-action buttons.


Because it’s an action that your readers will take, so again keep the emphasis on them and what they want.

For example “download your free report” may not perform as well as “download my free report.”

When reading your copy, everything is focused on your customer:

  • A headline to show them the value they’ll get
  • Body copy that outlines the problem they have and how you’ll solve it
  • Social proof to make them feel confident in the purchase

Changing your language so that you have more ‘you’ words that ‘I/we/us/our’ words just helps reinforce that focus, making your copy more persuasive and targeted to your reader.