More Ideas for A/B Testing

4.1 More Ideas for Testing

Once you’re in the groove and running your own tests on the regular, remember there’s a whole world of testing ideas out there. When in doubt, don’t forget the infinite well of subject matter expertise just waiting for you on the Unbounce blog. Below are some prime examples of resources that you can look to for useful suggestions and inspiration:

Ask a CRO Expert: What Should I be Testing?

Part of an expert blog series – Senior Conversion Rate Optimizer Michael Aagaard runs through a checklist of things to consider before you A/B test, including lessons learned from failed tests, conversion research basics, and how to really read those Google Analytics reports for info you can use now.

The 3 Most Common A/B Testing Problems and How to Solve Them

Another sprightly gem, The 3 Most Common A/B Testing Problems and How to Solve Them answers the most frequently asked questions among testing rookies and seniors alike. When is it safe to declare a champion in an A/B test? How do you run an A/B test if you don’t have enough traffic? If these questions are keeping you up at night, you’re gonna love this blog post (and finally out your worries to bed!)

2 Questions That Will Help You Gather Endless A/B Testing Ideas

Using her powers of inception (or more accurately, research) Allison Otting of Disruptive Advertising offers up some hard hitting questions to ask yourself to dig deeper into the psyche of your audience. This  meaty post features detailed examples AND leads right into a sweet podcast if you’re more up for a listening sesh.

How to Find the Actionable Insight in Every A/B Testing Case Study Your Read

Case studies are great and all, but one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to landing page optimization. If you want to be the best, you need to find ways to adapt A/B testing inspiration into something that fits your business. In this post, Michael Aagaard is back to talk about transferrable principles and test hypotheses. A little less conversation a little more action, please!