1.2 Powering your marketing campaigns with landing pages

In the context of your larger marketing campaigns, landing pages serve one of two purposes.

  1. To capture leads that enable you to market to people in the future, or
  2. To “warm up” potential customers to the product you are trying to sell to them before sending them further into your sales funnel.

In other words, you’ll either use a lead generation page or a click-through page, depending on your campaign’s goal.

Here’s a lead gen page from a fictional real estate agency, Emerald Developments. Note that all the copy on the page appeals to a home seller’s top concerns and supports a single campaign goal. When visitors fill out the form — the only call to action on the page — they’re exchanging their contact info for a complimentary home valuation & offer estimate.

Because the landing page has an attention ratio of 1:1, focusing on just one goal (versus a regular page on a website which would contain links to a variety of other pages), visitors are far more likely to complete the intended call-to-action without getting distracted.


A click-through page is used to push visitors further into a funnel — usually for e-commerce purchases or trial starts for SaaS services.

These pages exist to persuade someone of your product or service’s value. Click-through pages drive leads further into your marketing funnel and the call to action button usually directs visitors to a free trial, demo, shopping cart, pricing page, or checkout.

Here’s an example of an Emerald Developments click-through where the intent is to share the value proposition, and drive visitors to click through to the next stage in the funnel.


The following list outlines some of the marketing campaigns you might be running that will produce much better results when run with targeted landing pages:

Lead-gen-iconUse a lead generation page to collect leads’ info in exchange for:

  • Awesome whitepapers, ebooks, guides, reports, industry-specific checklists, and other content marketing or educational assets
  • Subscription to your brand’s newsletter, blogs, or other communication of interest to your target audience
  • Registration to attend your in-person events, or to gain access to ecourses or webinars
  • Requests for consultation services or access to recorded sessions (videos or slides)

Click-through-iconUse a click-through page to prompt:

  • An e-commerce purchase (direct visitors to a shopping cart)
  • Registration for a free trial of your service
  • Scheduling a demo or tour of your product

Landing pages will improve your campaigns’ conversion rates by providing your visitors with focused, relevant messaging and a clear, focused call to action. Remember that an individual landing page should only support a single campaign goal. You should use a dedicated landing page for each and every marketing campaign you run.