3.3 Sending lead data to your clients

Once lead data is collected on one of your client’s pages, it can be passed on to the client in one of three ways. The method you choose will be dependent on the preferences of your client, and your individual business model.

  1. Through one of our native integrations such as Marketo or Mailchimp, you can connect your Unbounce pages directly to your customer’s lead management systems.
    Setting up third party integrations with your Unbounce account
  2. Your agency can download the list of leads collected by client pages in CSV format either per Client (multiple pages) or by individual page. If needed, you can also limit the date range on this CSV download if you’re trying to capture data from an isolated time period.
    How to download lead data in CSV format
  3. Using Webhook, you can connect your client’s Unbounce pages to any data management system you like, regardless of whether it’s set up as a native Unbounce integration or not.
    Setting up a Webhook to send form data