3.2: How to Find Out Who Your Audience Is

You know now what information you’re looking for. You’re ready to collect the persuasive arguments to convince web visitors. But where do you find all this information?

A few options:

  • Phone existing customers
  • Talk to prospects at a trade fair
  • Ask open questions in a customer survey
  • Check online reviews for competitor products (or for your own of course!)
  • Read Amazon reviews for books related to your industry
  • Browse relevant forums or blogs

To get relevant information, ask open questions so you learn the words and phrases your target audience uses.


To understand why people care about buying your product or downloading your ebook, consider asking a question like:

  • Why did you buy our product/service? Or why are you considering buying?
  • What problem should our product/service/book fix?
  • What are you hoping to achieve after buying?


To understand potential hesitations, consider asking a question like:

  • Why did you hesitate to buy?
  • Which alternatives have you considered?


To get valuable responses, limit the number of questions you ask and test your questionnaire first with a few respondents.

Remember, good copywriters don’t make up their sales messages; they steal their messages from customers and prospects. When you steal your messages, you can be sure your copy resonates with your audience. That’s because you’re repeating their thoughts back to them. You remind them of their problems, and then offer the perfect solution.