3.2 Case Study: How Titan PPC benefits from the suggested setup

As we’ve discussed, there are a lot of advantages to organizing your client pages into Unbounce Client Accounts.

For Titan PPC, this was an early decision that led to big payoffs in the long term. As is often the case, their first few Client sub-account setups were based more on a natural workflow, which instigated a longer-term process.

“[In the beginning] I just found it easy. Add a client, add your client name, upload a logo if you want, and you’ve created a client.”

Lucky for Patrick, and for Titan PPC, this initial setup paved the way for a system that reaps continual rewards in Unbounce. By adding a new Client Account for each new customer of the agency. The simplicity of this setup has streamlined Titan’s customer onboarding process (not to mention making things nice and easy for any new team members internally).

Unlike other methods, this approach capitalizes on other Unbounce features like page grouping, image asset management, and Script Manager applications, so that each process enhances another. By separating your customers at the Client Account level, you’re taking care of yourself down the road.

For example, let’s say Patrick needs to edit a tracking script on a set of  20 pages for his commercial retail customer.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Instead, since this set of pages is organized under one Client Account, Patrick can jump into Script Manager and apply that script across the board for that set of pages, freeing up time and effort for better investments (like onboarding new clients!).


Similarly, if Titan PPC needs to build out a set of 40 customer pages for the Acme corporation, organizing them within the same Client Account means that there’s no wading through one mammoth image library to find that “Signature Acme Arrow” or that one mini logo….where’d you even put that?


In summary, Unbounce was designed with agencies in mind (that’s you!). The Client Account features will save you time, and make you look like Pro to your clients.

Set this up in your account

Need the skinny on how to setup clients and users in your Unbounce account? Wicked. We’ve got a great how-to article on getting this set up.

Working with Clients and Users