Running Your Own A/B Test

3.1 Running Your Own A/B Test

Building a control page

Your control page is your starting point. It’ll likely be a landing page you’ve already built as part of a campaign.

Control pages are your first step in creating a set of tests. Your control is the parent and variations are the children.

Creating variants

Each variation should have one hypothesis of change: color of background, different hero shot, different headline, alternate CTA, etc. It doesn’t matter how many hypotheses you have, but you will always get the best data by only having one hypothesis per variation.

The easiest way to start is to use a copy of your existing Unbounce page and adjust the single detail you’d like to test. From the A/B Test Centre in your Page Overview you can create a new variant, name it, and head into the builder to adjust the content you want to test:

You should use descriptive variant names like ‘Form Length 2012 Catalog’ or ‘Call To Action: Registration’ – something that makes the test parameters apparent (not ‘Steve’s Wicked Awesome Test’ or ‘Legit PPC Test’).

Now that you’ve got a variant you’ll just need to assign it some traffic and republish your page for visitors to see it live:

What makes a champion

In simple terms your champion is the page variation that converts the best. You can choose your champion from the gear menu in your A/B Test Centre:

Select Your Champion
Once you’ve crowned your champion from a given test you can start a new test with a brand new hypothesis – the champion from your previous test becomes your new control.