3. Managing Multiple Clients in Unbounce

3.1 Know your management tools

With many different clients and pages on the go, organization of your landing pages becomes critical.

Luckily, Unbounce is full of page management tools that will help you stay organized, without crossing any wires.

The most important features to note are:

Client Accounts

You can add Client Accounts by clicking the green “Add Client” button in your account panel on the left, or by clicking Manage Add-Ons from your account management screen.



Users can be added and edited from the account management screen.


Page Groups


You can set up a clean, efficient, and simple workflow by creating client accounts for each customer, populating page groups within those client accounts, and adding users with different editing and visibility privileges.

The workflow looks a lil’ something like this:


Here’s Lou on why you’ll wanna set up shop like this:


Client Accounts are important if you want to take advantage of Script Manager in Unbounce.

In other words, if you are going to use custom scripts for things like Google Analytics or custom fonts on client pages, you’ll want to apply these scripts to the appropriate groups of pages.

If your account is set up with Client Accounts and Groups, you can apply different scripts to different clients, rather than universally across all pages.