3. Testing Your Pages & Measuring Results

3.1 Keep improving by running an A/B test

Throughout this course, you’ve learned where landing pages fit into your marketing campaigns, the 5 elements of a high converting page, and how to build landing pages in Unbounce.

But – here’s the thing – the smartest marketers know that there’s a way to continually get better and better results. In fact, your time to really shine as a marketer begins after you press the Publish button.

Not only do landing pages help you achieve better results by creating focused, targeted offers with great attention ratio and strong message match, they give you a way to isolate, test, and optimize each element on a page to achieve higher conversion rates on every campaign you run.  Some might even say that testing is the best part about your newly created landing pages.

With a solid A/B test, you can do even more with less. Meaning you’ll still run a campaign on the same marketing budget month to month, but you’ll continually learn how to improve your conversion rates and results based on real data.

If, for example, you run a version A and version B of your page in which version A contains a video and version B does not, you’ll be able to see which is the most persuasive for this particular audience, and this particular campaign.


No matter what combo of images, text, form fields, buttons, or social proof you add to your landing page, you should A/B test to determine what’s working to convert and what’s not.