2.5 Your Headline and Sub-headline

Copy is one of the most important parts of your landing page. Your headline is usually the first thing people notice when your page loads, so your copy needs to do some heavy lifting to tell your visitors they’re in the right place, then keep them on the page.

As the first text that your visitor sees, great goals for the headline and sub-headline of your landing page, respectively, are to keep visitors from leaving your page, and to drive them forward to the rest of the page copy. Your headline and sub-headline should:

  • Communicate the unique selling point of your page
  • Have an obvious relationship to the ad or email that was clicked

By reading the headline and sub-headline of your page, the customer should be able to interpret what the page is about, and how it relates directly to the original ad or email that drove them there. This relationship from the original traffic source to your landing page is called message match.

Good Message Match

2.5 Message-match-good

Bad Message Match

2.5 Message-match-bad

Broadly, here’s how you’ll add and edit text on your pages in Unbounce.

There are many more resources available to help you with writing page copy. Below are two examples:

Conversion Copywriting Ebook