2.5: Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful, persuasive concept: it’s the use of social signals to illustrate that other people have bought/consumed/read/participated in what you’re offering.

The idea is that readers are more likely to convert when they see that others were happy with your product or service. (You’re far more likely to visit a pizza joint where a crowd is raucous with anticipation of the next fresh ‘za than one where 3 whole pies sit lonely and uneaten in a warmer, amirite?).

Social proof is far more powerful than regular marketing copy because you’re not the one saying it…  your customer is!

Customer testimonials, influencer testimonials, embedded tweets, Facebook likes, case studies and data about users all nudge your landing page visitors closer to converting.

Note that testimonials or social proof are only valuable insofar as they encourage your visitors to follow through with your call to action. They exist to:

  • Ensure visitors they’re making a wise choice choosing your brand over others
  • Reinforce your great product or service, and
  • Increase the desire people have for your offering

Additionally, to ensure credibility, testimonials need to be phrased in believable and natural language. Bonus points if you can attribute a face and name to go along with the testimonial which gives your social proof credibility, like this:

social proof example