2.4 Start with strong, contextual images

A big part of your job when building a landing page is to ensure it conveys quality and credibility. These two traits increase your chance of converting because they cater to your visitor’s need to trust you before they buy into your call to action.

There are three types of images you’ll typically use on your landing pages:

  1. Hero Shot
  2. Supporting Images
  3. Icons

The hero shot is the main and most prominent image on your landing page. It should either convey to your visitors exactly what your page is about and what they’ll get from it, or show your product or service in use.

Supporting images and icons should be high quality, on brand, and should communicate trust and credibility.

Here, Erin dives deeper into the role of images on your pages, and how to work with them in Unbounce:

It should be clear from your hero shot exactly what your page is about. Quick test: If you removed all the words from your page, would your hero shot make complete sense? Does it convey context?

Images are only the tip of the iceberg. They contribute to the feel of your page and show your product or service in action, but  it’s your page’s copy that provides clarity and ultimately drives visitors toward your call to action.