2.3 The 5 elements of a high-converting landing page

Similar to a birthday cake which needs milk, eggs, flour, and water, a high converting landing page contains five important ingredients. These 5 elements are a recipe that give you a solid foundation for building a page that will inform and convert your visitors.

2.3 EmeraldDevelopments-wNumbers

The most successful landing pages include:

  1. Strong, contextual images including a hero shot
  2. A selling value proposition in the form of a headline and sub-headline
  3. A singular and focused call to action
  4. Clearly outline features and benefits of your offer or service
  5. Social proof or testimonials supporting your claims

Throughout the rest of this ecourse, you’ll see these five elements come together to build the Emerald Developments landing page shown above, where the campaign goal is to generate leads by offering tours of a new waterfront condo development.

Continue on and see how you can put together your own page step by step.