2. Building Your First Landing Page

2.1 Log in and create a new page

When you first log into Unbounce, the first page you’ll see is the All Pages screen.

Once you’ve got many landing pages for your various marketing campaigns, this screen will give you a bird’s eye view of all your work.

2.1.1 First-login

At the top of this overview, you can filter by All, Published, or Unpublished pages to stay organized, no matter how many campaigns you’ve got on the go.

The first time you log in after creating your Unbounce account, you’ll be prompted to build your first page. To get started, you’ve got three options:

Upload an Unbounce Page

If you’ve purchased an Unbounce template from a marketplace like Themeforest or Template Monster, or have received one from a designer, agency, or fellow Unbounce marketer – you can upload your template by clicking “Upload an Unbounce Page, and following through with the prompts.

2.1.2 Upload-a-page

Create a New Page from an Unbounce Template

Alternately, you can get a head start by building your landing page from one of Unbounce’s many mobile responsive templates. These templates are completely customizable — from color to layout to fonts to images — so they can be adapted to any of your brand requirements.

To create a new page from a template, click the “Create New Page” button where you can browse Unbounce’s template library. Each of these templates has been built on conversion-centered design principles so no matter which template you choose, you’ll be setup for success.

2.1.3 Create-new-page

A Note to Choosing the Perfect Template

You can filter the templates library by page type (lead gen or click-through), product, or industry. As you’ll see, there are quite a few to choose from (and we’re always adding more), so how do you pick the perfect template for your campaign? What if you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for?

Remember to pick a template that supports your campaign’s goal: what you’re trying to achieve with the page. Some are designed by industry, but you’ll see once you get into the Page Builder that the template is completely customizable.

Find a template that supports your campaign goal. Since the templates are completely customizable, each of them will work for any vertical.

Select any of the templates to see a full size preview. Every single Unbounce landing page template is mobile responsive, meaning it’s ready for both desktop and mobile traffic — use the desktop/mobile icons to toggle between the desktop and mobile versions in the preview window.

After you’ve decided on the best template for you (or if you choose to start with a blank page), name your page to match up with the campaign you’re running, and then click “Start with this Template.