1.2 Communicating the Value of Landing Pages

Andrew’s agency, Workshop Digital, proposed the benefits of landing pages to their client in two major ways:

  • Testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

They proposed improving their client’s current conversion rates by using dedicated landing pages and comparing the overall results against the client’s existing website. Because landing pages contain only one call to action, and because you can always A/B test different page variations, they typically outperform other web properties your clients have been using to convert.


In Andrew’s case, his home builder client wasn’t necessarily aware of the benefits of landing pages at the onset, but did understand the value of testing and iterating on campaigns as a means of achieving specific goals. Once Andrew and his team explained that landing pages were an avenue for conducting A/B testing, the client was willing to give it a try.

As Andrew explains:

It turns out [clients] get the testing concept. We use the “Buy One Get One Free” vs. “50% Off” copy test as an example. That’s something [clients] understand. They don’t need to know the technical details of how [the test] is implemented, but they understand the benefit if they can get twice as many conversions without spending any more money on traffic, and without sacrificing lead quality.



It wasn’t long until the quantifiable results from Andrew’s first test client (a 400% increase in overall conversions) served as an easy way to pitch landing pages to new clients…

“We started building [landing pages] into our standard proposals when approaching new businesses. We realized, the more we could control the conversion funnel, the better results we could get from PPC. That was the big selling point for us to start including it. Obviously we could charge more for it, too.”

But even more importantly, Andrew realized that landing pages were a means of differentiating from other agencies offering PPC services alone:

“Once [clients] hear that we can go out and buy the same clicks anyone else can, there’s nothing proprietary about that, but we can leverage the PPC experience with landing page testing….That’s when clients start to understand ‘okay this is a company worth working with’. If only for that differentiator.”

Pitch an initial client on a strategy of dedicated landing pages using the benefits of testing and conversion rate optimization. Once you prove a lift in conversion for one client who’s willing to share their success story, other potential clients will take notice and want the same results.