1. Communicating the Value of Landing Pages

1.1 Introduction

The best way to impress your clients is by delivering hard hitting results.

A campaign to build brand awareness is fair game – but to keep your competitive edge you need to dig deeper. You want to be the agency known for building clients a reliable lead gen and revenue machine. That’s the key to being remembered (and referred).

To do this, you need to develop the strategies that yield better campaign performance; and execute on these strategies seamlessly.

At the same time, the strategies and methods that you employ within your own business will be shaped by your unique client base, and many other external factors.

Throughout this course, you’ll be guided through some of the major decision points that an Agency faces when offering landing page design and management as a service, plus many many “in real life” (IRL) examples based on other successful agencies.

To set the stage, let’s think about your agency before you’ve begun offering landing page services. Broadly, your goals are to:

  1. Develop a marketing strategy to increase conversion
  2. Communicate the value of that strategy to your clients
  3. Successfully implement that strategy

These are the tasks that Andrew Miller, Co-Founder of Workshop Digital, was faced with in 2010.

The agency could drive more traffic to a client’s campaign to increase leads, but they couldn’t get visitors to convert past a certain point. They’d hit the dreaded conversion plateau.

Here’s Andrew on how it all went down:

Bringing a client 4 times the amount of leads per month with landing pages was a home run for Andrew that offered specific, measurable results.

The extent of your landing page services are up to you (Will you design and build? Build and test? Optimize the entire post-click experience?), but no matter what the scope of your landing page strategy and services, your next mission is getting clients on board. They need to understand why landing pages are different from their current web properties, and how they’ll drive value for their business.