1.0: Hi there! Ready for class?

If your landing pages aren’t performing as well as you’d hoped, it’s time to take a step back and look over your copy …are you making any of these conversion-killer mistakes?

1. Saying too much or too little
2. Filling your page with meaningless *gobbledygook*
3. Talking to the wrong person
4. Talking too much about yourself

As marketers, sometimes we accidently scrub and polish words so much that they’re easily lost in the bland, buzzword-filled world of ‘marketing speak.’


Every day, web users are overloaded with sales and marketing messages. In order to make an impact, your message needs to be memorable.

Getting the right people to land on your page is only half the battle. In order for prospects to absorb your messages and do the one thing you want them to do (convert), your word choice must inspire them to take action.

So, that’s why you’re here, right?

In this course, you’ll learn exactly what bits of copy you should include on your landing pages, how to write well for your target audience and #protips from the experts for converting more page visitors into real-life, quality leads.

Later in the course, you’ll hear from two of the best industry copywriters we know: Amy Harrison (from AmyTV) and Henneke Duistermaat (from Enchanting Marketing) will share their insights for writing authentic, genuine copy that converts.

So, buckle up and get ready to get school’d.