3 Scientific Reasons Overlays Are So Freaking Effective

FACT: Overlays increase conversion rates.

How do we know this? Because science.

But before we delve into the science, here’s the skinny on why overlays (part of Unbounce Convertables) are needed…

The difficult truth about consumer behavior online is that prospects abandon websites in droves, and most will never return.

There are many reasons why visitors leave but, no matter the reason, marketers have a huge opportunity to re-engage abandoning visitors, and dramatically improve the performance of their websites.

This is where the overlays comes to the rescue.

Making use of exit intent technology, overlays track visitor activities as they navigate your site. For example, when someone goes to navigate away from your site, an overlay can be triggered “on exit” with a targeted offer that entices a visitors to sign up, opt-in, or purchase (depending on where they are in your funnel). It looks something like this:

ex1In short, overlays give your business a second chance to offer your audience something valuable. For example, if a potential customer is about to abandon their cart after seeing the shipping costs associated with their order, you can see if offering a deal on shipping could close the sale.

Marketers using overlays typically convert 3-18% of abandoning users. If your site gets 10,000 visitors per month, that can mean 1800 new conversions!

But why do abandoning users change their minds? Let’s tuck into the science behind what’s driving conversion results with overlays.